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I just graduated from High School in Germany and worked for further 5 months in order to finance my journey through Asia. My first stop of my 6-month travel was the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. Even though my family asked me to take at least one friend with me on my travel, I rather preferred to travel solo and be outside of my comfort zone for a while. Maybe a little bit more unusual, I started my journey in Puttalam. Puttalam is around 100 km north of Colombo and it is located at a big lagoon. The Dutch Canal ends here, which was used by Dutch for transporting spices in former times. Puttalam is not only well-known for its fish-, prawn- and pearl farming, but also for its huge coconut plantations. During the civil war numerous Muslims took refuge from the northern part of the country and settled down in Puttalam. Today Puttalam is one of those few cities where more Muslims than Buddhists live. If you follow the lagoon you will also find Kalpitiya which is located on the northern end of this particular lagoon. Kalpitiya attracts many kite-surfers these days and is a very nice spot for   whale and dolphins watching from November to April. Moreover, the province Puttalam is a good starting point for a safari to Wilpattu National Park.

I started my journey on a 72 hectares big land in Puttalam where I worked on a coconut plantation for the next 2.5 weeks. It is not obligatory to work when you stay at the plantation. However I enjoyed the atmosphere working with foreigners and locals anyway. Together with other foreign volunteers and some locals we harvested thousands of coconuts by beating the top of the palm with a stick. However, sometimes the stick was not long enough, so locals would climb on the top to get the rest of the coconuts.  Even though I practiced their advanced techniques by climbing up the palm with a rope, I just could go half of the way. Surrounded by dozens of coconut palms I lived in a wooden cottage with no doors and windows, where I soon got robbed. One day I came back to my cottage. When I entered the cottage I could not believe what I saw. The mosquito net was totally ragged and hanging down from the ceiling, my backpack was opened and all my stuff was lying on the floor. I did not know what was going on here. When I turned around I realized I got robbed by monkeys which were desperately searching for some food. In this very moment I saw the last monkey jumping out of my “window”.

After this exciting time I continued exploring Sri Lanka by travelling through the southern part. During my travel I stayed at all 3 Clock Inns and I loved it. My travels in Sri Lanka are now over. Before I will head to Vietnam for teaching English to little school kids in Hanoi, I will travel to Malaysia just to relax for a little while.