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The temple is literally a hidden delight and off the beaten path in the suburbs of Colombo, as it is not even frequently visited by locals. It is a temple amidst a jungle you would not really recognize when passing by. Embulgama Rajamaha Viharaya in Colombo is located on Embulgama Mountain which makes this religious exploration also into a physical exercise. If you are lucky enough you will have the entire temple area to yourself, and children who are Buddhist monks assist you to find your way up the mountain which adds even more authenticity to the temple experience. Passing through little caves and trekking along Buddha monuments is unforgettable. It is not only the religious places which are breath-taking, it is also the view as you reach the top of the mountain.

The temple is best to be visited on a Friday evening or a Sunday morning or afternoon. If you have some time left we highly recommend to visit a second temple on your way back to Clock Inn Colombo. Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara which is as well in close proximity to Colombo but is not as hidden as this temple. It is mainly visited by locals and Buddhist monks, as it is believed that this is one of the temple Lord Buddha visited. The temple area is mainly covered with sand which automatically slows down your pace and thus gives you a great opportunity to take your time to embrace this authentic temple experience. In the main temple building you will not only see a lying statue of Lord Buddha followed by impressive wall paintings, you will also observe strong believers executing their rituals. The temple is best to be visited on a Friday evening or a Sunday morning or afternoon.


How to get there

Take either bus 100 or 101 or take a metered Tuk Tuk. When you reach Fort Bus Station take bus 143 (around 60 LKR). Get off the bus at Embulgama, and cross the street. Follow the street uphill until you reach the gates of Embulgama temple. If you want to visit Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara on your way back, take bus 143 back to Colombo, but get off at Angoda. When you reach Angoda take a Tuk Tuk (around 150 LKR) which should bring you to the entrance of the temple. Take bus 138 (around 40 LKR) back to Colombo.