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Even though Kandy appears to be busier than many other cities in Sri Lanka, a part from major attractions this particular city enjoys one important benefit: it is embraced by nature and deep jungle. Thus, there are various options to stretch one’s legs within Kandy and its surrounding area. It does not matter if you are looking for a half day or a full day trek there is always something to do in Kandy. It was this special time where guests and staff members mingle and plan on an adventure together. This time the adventure would lead us to Allagalla Mountain. For this full day trek it is the best if you start your day early enough- so did we. After a nice breakfast on the rooftop terrace of Clock Inn Kandy at 7:15am, our adventure into the deep jungles began. After a 40 minute car ride we reached Pothapitiya Town, where our guide was already awaiting us. We started our trek at around 8:30am by following the town roads which lead us to Pothapitiya’s tea factory. However, the adventure started when we recognized all those widespread and deep green tea plantations surround us. No cars, no hustle and bustle, just nature, and a few tea pluckers to bear witness. It was in the mid of rainy season when we experienced Allagalla Mountain, which indicates also a lot of leaches hiding behind the bushes and tea leaves, just awaiting our bare skin. Even though our guide instructed us well about leach bites and what to do if you get bitten, we did not take any chances: so we put on our leach socks before we started. After this short break we started our climb well-prepared through the lush forest.


We did not trek for a long time until it suddenly started raining heavily and we all got soaked in the rain as we climbed. Even though we had many slippery falls in mud it all added to the fun. Soon we realized, climbing for 2 hours and enduring the rain was paying off, when we reached our first base. For 20 minutes we sat on a rock, offering us the perfect sight to enjoy the beauty of Kandy district while enjoying some snacks. There was still more to come so we continued our climb again to the final stretch through 6 ft tall mana grass. In order to reach the final summit, we had to conquer a huge rock and climb vertically through rocks to get to the summit. The breathtaking view above Kagalle Town, Bible Rock and Saridial Rock, on the very top of Allagalla Mountain was worth every drop of sweat. After an amazing lunch we started our descent back down. At around 4:30pm we reached the tea plantation where our adventure of the day trek began. On our way back to Pothapitiya we perceived a house where we were able to wash our muddy shoes and refresh ourselves. Since it did not stop pouring until we came near the tea factory a truck driver who was on the way transporting tea leaves crossed our path and offered us a ride back to the town. As we reminisced about our great adventure while sitting in the back of the truck; we realized the highlight of the trip was the generosity we received throughout our journey by strangers along the way. The true Sri Lankan hospitality, and beautiful smiles we receive every day from everyone living in this island never seizes to amaze us.


How to get there

Take bus 649 and exit at Pothapitiya Town (around 40 LKR). You can start your trek from there. We suggest taking a pair of leach socks, repellent and lime juice in case you encounter leaches. Furthermore, we recommend arranging a guide even for treks in good weather conditions. We are happy to assist you with your planning in your trek.

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