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It is Avurudu which is one of the most important and traditional holidays for Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. Families gather together in order to celebrate Tamil and Sinhalese New Year in April. Unlike in other parts of the world, most of Sri Lanka’s population celebrates New Year on the 13th and 14th of April, when the sun is directly above Sri Lanka. While 13th of April is technically the celebration of the Old Year, the 14th of April represents the first day of the New Year. Depending on the religious background, the countless New Year rituals in Sri Lanka might vary a little bit. However what both religions share is that all New Year rituals in Sri Lanka have to be carried out at precise points of time, which have been previously calculated by astrologists at the beginning of the year. Since, times vary between the years of celebration, there is never a fixed beginning time, like it is with the 31st of December at 00.00. Preparation already starts weeks before, when people clean and paint their houses, buy gifts and purchase new clothes. Usually shops close a few days before New Year; as most people head back to their home town to celebrate with their families. The celebration usually starts with boiling a pot of milk. The entire family sits around the clay pot waiting for the milk to boil over which brings prosperity and joy. This ritual continues while using the milk to make the milk rice which is eaten along with various different Sri Lankan Avurudu sweets. Furthermore, traditions include a specific time for lighting the oil lamp, taking a bath, wearing new clothes with the exact prescribed color, handing gifts to others, receiving the first business transaction and going to work in the New Year.


After the actual New Year celebrations when all employees return back to Clock Inn, there is always the best opportunity to celebrate this cultural event with all our staff and guests as well. This year on 18th of April guests from all Clock Inn properties came together in Clock Inn Dehiwala’s courtyard celebrate and welcome the New Year. Sharing this moment with guests and staff while boiling the milk together and lighting the oil lamp, and playing specific Avurudu games which were accompanied by locals playing New Year drums added to great amount of fun. While enjoying all various kinds of Avurudu sweets, milk rice served with sambol and refreshing king coconut drink, the cultural event provided the perfect atmosphere in creating great memories with one another.